Jumping Spider on Basil

Jumping Spider on Basil by Barbara2112
Jumping Spider on Basil, a photo by Barbara2112 on Flickr.

This little guy was just as curious about me as I was about him. Isn’t he soooo cute!

This is another picture found from my forgotten Flickr account.  I also found out something very interesting that I had no idea one could do from a WordPress site and that is posting a photo directly from Flickr!  That makes things so much easier.


Crab by Barbara2112
Crab, a photo by Barbara2112 on Flickr.

This is a photo I took while at Nags Head in the Outer Banks in north Carolina. I just love this little guy as every time I was about to snap the shutter….he’d move. Totally gone.  I took this about a year ago and put it on Flickr and forgot about it….here it is now,  a bit dusty but just as enjoyable to me as when I shot it.   I hope you like it too!

Dolphins in the Waves

This was an Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin that was interested in the boat and jumped up to get a better look at us. There were two babies in this pod and they were sooooo cute! These are two of the adults. These dolphins were really close to shore, kinda makes one wonder about what else is swimming just below the waves……unseen……(que Jaws music…) :^0