Speaking geneal…

Speaking genealogically…..this should be the quote of my ancestors!

“I love those who can smile in trouble…”
― Leonardo da Vinci

I am one of the keeper of our families genealogy and from what I have uncovered about one maternal line is a continuum of circumstance or indifference (is there really any difference if all roads leads to the same river?) of doing things our own way–usually against the current.  And I would imagine my ancestors doing so with a bit of a grin upon their faces as the last moments of life swept across their faces as they passed into history.

A Description of My Morning.

Drinking coffee.

Favorite chair.

Listening to The English Beat.  Save it for Later.  Now  Human


Listening to the awakening of spring announced from the throats of raucous avians that I enjoy so very much.

Ever see an Eastern Bluebird chase off Woodpeckers twice their size?

Boomtown Rats don’t like Mondays.  I wonder why?  I declare that

I like Mondays!  I like anyday that I wake up.

Nice breeze and crisp air.

More coffee poured to The Clash.