Dolphins in the Waves

This was an Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin that was interested in the boat and jumped up to get a better look at us. There were two babies in this pod and they were sooooo cute! These are two of the adults. These dolphins were really close to shore, kinda makes one wonder about what else is swimming just below the waves……unseen……(que Jaws music…) :^0

Winston-Salem North Carolina Skyline (softened)

As I left the downtown area, I stopped to look at some construction that is going on. After watching the tractors for a while, I walked back to the car and saw this nice view of Winston-Salem. The center building is the R.J. Reynolds office building. It is an art deco building. I entered the building one time a few years ago when I was walking around the downtown area. I was drawn to the beauty of the outside of the building and the details it carries. I was intrigued to see the inside. The interior of the building is very beautiful! Unfortunately, R.J. Reynolds does not allow visitors and I was quickly, but politely, shown the door as I had no business to conduct there. I would LOVE to tour this building just to see the architectural beauty that lies within! The lobby is totally art deco that seems locked in time. I’d love to photograph the inside!