A Little About Me

I am learning how to keep and maintain this little website with a little help from my friends…Okay…one friend in particular.  That would be YOU MO!  Thank You for your patience!  Anyway, a bit about me.  I have almost a half a century under my belt and am grateful to be here alive and well!  I consider myself a happy camper and try not to let things get me down or to bother me anymore.  For instance, I consider getting stuck in a traffic jam just some extra time to rock-out to the music from the radio.  Unless I gotta go pee…then it’s a bummer to be stuck.  As you can tell I am also a realist.  Stuff that I like are many but certainly reconnecting with photography is one of my greatest passions in life!  Also ranking way, way up there is freshwater aquarium keeping-I have about thirteen tanks stuck about the house.  I no longer watch the t.v. news or any other news for that matter because it is just one bummer after another.  If something ***BAD*** is going to happen, then it will happen.  Not much I can do about it until the situation arises is there?  When that ***BAD*** thing happens then I’ll deal with it–but not now.  I love to read  a lot and dottle my time away in just going about my business at my own pace.  That’s enough about me for now.  I gotta see if I can manage to post this info so that it can be read by others.  Ta for now!

2 thoughts on “A Little About Me

    1. Hi! I am now following you…creepy isn’t it! LOL! Just kidding…but I am following your blog and like what I see there. Thank You very much for the good wishes and for stopping by!


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